Can You Put Pictures on Your Kindle via Email?

By Alan Sembera

Email pictures from your phone to your Kindle library.
i Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

Your unique Send-to Kindle email address makes it easy to send pictures to your Kindle Fire tablet directly from your computer or another mobile device. Send the pictures as attachments to the address, and they appear automatically in your Kindle Library in the cloud. You can also send pictures as attachments to your regular email account, then save them after accessing the message from your tablet.

Send-to Kindle Email Address

To send pictures directly to your Kindle Library, you must first find out your unique Send-to Kindle address. Sign in to your user account, and select "Your Account," "Manage Your Kindle," then "Personal Document Settings." The address appears on this page. You must also add your regular email address to the approved list of senders by clicking "add Address" and entering the address. Once you're set up, simply attach your photos to a blank email message and send it to the Kindle's address.

Send Using Regular Email

If you can access your regular mail on your Kindle, you can also send photos as attachments to that account. When you check the message on the tablet, tap the attachment to open the image, then press on the image until you see a list of options. Tap "Save." You can find the saved picture in the "Attachments" subfolder on the Photos screen.