How to Insert a Twitter Timeline in Tumblr

By Kevin Lee

Use a gadget to help people view Twitter on your Tumblr blog.
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Tumblr makes it possible for you to enhance your blog posts by embedding HTML code in them. While it normally takes a programmer to write this code, Twitter generates timeline code that you can use for free. A timeline displays public tweets that you or another Twitter member makes. If you want to entertain, educate and inform your Tumblr visitors using minimal effort, spend a few minutes creating a Twitter timeline gadget for your Tumblr blog.

Generate Your Twitter Code

Visit your Twitter page, click "Settings" and then click "Widgets."

Click "Create New" followed by "User Timeline" to view a page that helps you configure the way your gadget looks.

Select the customization features you'd like your gadget to have. For instance, you can click "Link Color" and then select a color for the gadget's links.

Type the username of the Twitter user you'd like to display in the "Username" text box. Enter your username if you want your timeline to appear in Tumblr.

Click "Create Widget" and copy the code that appears in the text box at the bottom of the page.

Add Timeline To Tumblr

Visit your Tumblr page and click "Text" to view the editing box that you normally use to create text posts.

Click "HTML" and paste the code you copied from your Twitter gadget into the editing box.

Click the arrow next to "Publish" and click "Publish Now" to publish the post that contains your Twitter timeline.


When people visit your Tumblr blog, they’ll see the timeline of the person or organization you selected. If you entered your own username when you created your Twitter gadget, they’ll see your public timeline.

These steps describe using Tweets from Twitter users as the source for your timeline. If you’d like to use another source, such as “Favorites,” “List” or “Search,” click one of those tabs after you click “Widget.” You can then customize the widget and click “Create Widget” to generate your HTML code. For example, if you want the timeline to display Tweets that a user marked as favorites, select “Favorites.” Choose “List” when you want the widget to display Tweets from a public List. If you select “Search,” you can enter a search query and display the results of that query in the widget.