How to Hide Who You're Following on the Homepage in Tumblr

By Tammy Columbo

Control who sees who you follow on Tumblr.
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Tumblr’s default theme displays recent posts of people you follow on the timeline of your primary blog. Simply perusing your timeline reveals the users you follow. However, you can disable this feature and hide posts by those you are following by directly editing your theme’s HTML code in the Customize tool. Remove the code that displays the posts of those you follow to show only your own posts and reblogs in your timeline.

Open Tumblr and log in with your username and password.

Click the name of your blog in the right panel of your home page to open your Settings page.

Click the “Customize Appearance” link in the left menu to open the Customize panel.

Click the “Edit HTML” button to open the HTML editor.

Drag the cursor over all of the HTML code in the Customize panel to select the text, then press “Ctrl-C” to copy the code to your clipboard. Open Notepad or another text editor, then copy the code in a blank text document to back up your code.

Press the “Ctrl-F" keys to open the Find dialog box. Type the following code n the Find field, then click “Find.”


The tag is highlighted in the HTML editor.

Locate the corresponding {/block:Following} closing tag.

Delete all code between the {block:Following} and {/block:Following} statements, including the tags.


Note that the Following tag set may be expressed as "{block:Followed}" and "{/block:Followed}." If you search for the {block:Following} tag but do not find it, try searching for {block:Followed}.