How to Repeat Songs on YouTube

By Laurel Storm

The best music deserves repeating.
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The only thing better than listening to your favorite song on YouTube once is, of course, listening to it on repeat. Whether you do this a little or a lot, having to click the "Replay" button on the video every three or four minutes quickly becomes a chore. The video's page on YouTube may not include an option to play it repeatedly in an infinite loop, but that doesn't mean you have no way of doing so.

Use the Embed URL

The video player used for embedded videos enables an optional parameter that will set the video itself to loop indefinitely. You don't have to embed the video in a website yourself to take advantage of this. Simply opening the embed URL with the correct parameters in your browser will loop the video over and over. Click "Share" on the video page and copy the video ID -- the part of the sharable URL that comes after "" -- to your clipboard. Type the following address in a new browser window or tab, replacing "VIDEO_ID" with the ID you copied:

Press the "Play" button. Usually, the video will start playing; however, you may also see an error message instead. If that's the case, you can't loop the video in this manner.

Make a Playlist

As long as autoplay is switched on, a YouTube playlist will start over from its beginning after playing the last video. You can take advantage of this by making a playlist that contains only one video -- the one you want to repeat. You will, however, need a YouTube account to do this. If you already have one, this is likely the simplest way of setting a song to repeat indefinitely. The only downside is that, as is usual for YouTube, you'll occasionally get an ad playing before the video does.

Get a Browser Extension

If you use Chrome or Firefox and regularly change what song you listen to on repeat, you'll likely benefit from installing a browser extension that adds looping as an option directly to each video's YouTube page. For Firefox, try SmartVideo for YouTube, Tube Enhancer Plus or YouTube Auto Replay; if you're using Chrome, try Looper for YouTube, SmartVideo for YouTube or YouTube Looper (links in Resources).

Use an External Website

For occasional listening, or when you're away from your own computer, you can use an external website to listen to a video on repeat. Several of these websites use the same URL structure as YouTube and to use them you simply go to the video you want and modify the URL in the address bar. These websites include ListenOnRepeat, for which you need to replace "youtube" in the video URL with "listenonrepeat"; YouTube On Repeat, for which you add "onrepeat" to "youtube" in the video URL; and YouTubeRepeater, for which you add "repeater" after "youtube" in the video URL. For example, when using On Repeat, if the video URL were "," you would revise it to ""