How to Clean Lint From a Phone's Speaker

By Andy Walton

Lint is usually caused by clothing and material fibers bunching together.
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Lint-clogged speaker outlets can impact your phone's ability to produce sound, reducing call quality and causing muffled ring tones. In addition, speaker outlets can act as a conduit for lint to get into other parts of the device, potentially causing damage to the phone's main circuit board, battery or other key components. Although you can use a damp cloth to remove lint from your phone's case, you should avoid doing so when cleaning a speaker, as moisture can cause serious damage to the delicate workings of a cellphone speaker assembly.

Switch your phone off.

Rub the microfiber cloth around the edges of the speaker outlet to remove any surface lint. Use a small, circular motion to dislodge any impacted or tough areas.

Shake the can of compressed air and remove the lid. Hold the can around nine inches from the phone and spray a few short blasts of compressed air into the speaker outlets at an angle. This will help to to dislodge some of the phone's internal lint buildup.

Rub the toothbrush across the surface of the speaker outlet so that the bristles remove any remaining internal lint. Be sure not to use too much pressure, as you could damage the speaker's workings.

Items you will need

  • Lint-free microfiber cloth

  • Can of compressed air

  • Soft-bristled toothbrush


Do not spray compressed air directly into the speaker outlet, or spray air at the phone for prolonged periods, as this could cause a moisture buildup inside the device's casing.