How to Restore Lost or Deleted Emails With Retrieval From Yahoo

By Naomi Bolton

Yahoo Mail automatically moves deleted emails to the Trash folder, giving you an easy way to recover the emails if you've deleted them by mistake. However, Yahoo Mail periodically clears the Trash folder to make space, which can be a problem if you do not recover the deleted emails in time. If your emails were lost or deleted within the last seven days, and are no longer in the Trash folder, you can request a restore from Yahoo, though there is no guarantee that a restore will retrieve all of your missing emails.

Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account, and then back up all important emails you've received within the last seven days. You can forward the emails to another account, print important emails or copy the contents of the emails into text documents.

Navigate to the Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form page (link in Resources), and then sign in to your Yahoo account, if prompted.

Select "Mail - Accidentally deleted messages on web Mail" or "Mail - Messages disappeared, unknown reason" from the "Describe the problem" drop-down list, depending on what is applicable to your situation.

Select the time period in which the emails were deleted or have disappeared from the "Hours or Days" drop-down list.

Enter your name, Yahoo ID and Yahoo email address in the requested fields.

Type the CAPTCHA code in the space provided, and then click the "Submit" button.


Because this process returns your account to the time you specify, Yahoo deletes all messages received after that time, and you won't be able to retrieve them. Before sending a restore request, make sure to back up any emails you've sent or received within the last seven days.