How to Auto Reply With Comcast Email

By Ruri Ranbe

Auto replies let others know that you are temporarily unavailable to answer email.
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If you're going on vacation and won't have access to your email account for an extended period, or if you're going to be away from your desk and want to let others know that you'll respond to their email when you return, you can configure your Comcast account to reply automatically to any messages you receive.

Sign in to your account from the Comcast website (link in Resources), and then choose "Users & Preferences" from the menu.

Choose "Email & Voice Settings" from the submenu, and then scroll down to Email Settings.

Toggle the Auto Reply option to "On," and then enter your preferred message into the available field.

Click "Save" to apply the changes to your email account.


To disable Auto Reply, toggle Auto Reply to "Off."

You can also configure your account to forward emails to another mailbox while you're away. From the same screen, toggle Email Forwarding to "On," and then enter the address of the email account into the available field.