How to Eject Someone From a Skype Chat

By Laura Gittins

Skype chats connect you with one or several others at the same time in an online, text-based meeting. If you're the creator of the chat, you can choose to eject somebody from the conversation by either right-clicking and removing that person or by using one of Skype chat's built-in commands.

Use Commands

Skype has a series of commands that you as the creator of a chat can use to modify the chat. By typing "/kick user" (without quotes here and in subsequent commands) where "user" is the member's name that you want to remove, you'll boot that user from the group. Typing "/kickban user" will eject that member and prevent him from rejoining the conversation. Because you type these commands, they'll show up in your chat window, but only on your screen.

Remove From Group

You can remove somebody from a group chat in a more stealthy way by right-clicking on that person's name in the group contacts window and selecting "Remove from Group." This will eject that person from the chat and the text will not show up in your chat window like it does with the "/kick" command.