How to Redirect Yahoo Email to Another Email

By Dan Stone

A Yahoo email account can be configured to automatically forward incoming email to another email address. Email forwarding is useful for sending messages to a new account so a person doesn't have to keep checking an old address. Email forwarding is available on all Yahoo email accounts; it was once a Yahoo Mail Plus exclusive feature.

Forwarding Options

Yahoo email forwarding offers forwarding options: Forward Only, Store and Forward, and "Store and forward and mark as read." The Forward Only option redirects the email and won't store a copy of the message. Yahoo mail will just send incoming messages to the new address. Store and Forward sends all incoming messages to the new address and keeps a copy. "Store and forward and mark as read" marks all forwarded email as read in Yahoo.

Forwarding Configuration

You can set a specific Yahoo email address to forward to another by signing into the Yahoo email account. Once signed in, select the "Settings menu" icon and choose the "Settings" option. Click the "Edit" option next to Yahoo Account and choose the "Forward" option under "Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere." Enter the desired destination email address in the Forwarding Address field; select "Forward only" from the forwarding options and click "Save" to complete the forwarding configuration.