How to Report My Kindle Fire Lost

by Andy Warycka
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Losing your Kindle Fire can mean more than just an inconvenience and a loss of reading material; it can mean money out of your pocket unless you act quickly. Once the Kindle is out of your hands, whoever picks it up has one-click access to make purchases through your Amazon account. If you act quickly upon discovering the loss, you can keep unscrupulous people from going on a shopping spree as well as prevent them from using the device.

Deregister Immediately

As soon as you realize your Kindle Fire has gone missing, go to the “Manage Your Kindle” page in your Amazon account and deregister the device. This will prevent anyone who picks up the Kindle from being able to make purchases on your account, though it’s worth noting that the person will still have access to any information on the device.

Call for a Blacklisting

Follow up the deregistration by calling Amazon’s customer service department at 1-866-321-8851 and reporting your Kindle Fire lost. Amazon will blacklist the device’s serial number, preventing it from being used if someone tries to register it to another Amazon account. You'll receive an email from Amazon with the serial number of the device, so that if you recover the Kindle, you can re-register it after answering a few security questions.


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