Can I Sign Up for Facebook & Remain Anonymous?

by Carolyn Luck
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Although Facebook offers an array of privacy settings, total anonymity is not an option. Adherence to Facebook’s Terms of Use means using your real name and likeness. To create an account, you’re required only to provide your name, email address, birthday and gender. Providing the bare minimum in terms of content, and refraining from most of the activities for which Facebook is so well known will allow for a less public Facebook experience.

Privacy and Friends

When you accept a friend request from a Facebook member, a connection is established between you and that person. She will likely receive updates describing your activity, and anything you post on Facebook will be visible to her. Facebook doesn't require members to have friends, so ignoring friend requests will enable you to achieve a fair amount of anonymity on the site.


Every time you share a status update, photo or link, Facebook creates a story that links to your Timeline. Any Facebook friends you may have will likely receive notifications in their news feeds about your activity. If you don’t share content on Facebook, you’ll reduce the appearance of links to your Timeline. This will ultimately make your presence on Facebook less visible and lead to a more anonymous Facebook Timeline.


Adjust your privacy settings to significantly limit your visibility on Facebook. Certain parts of your Timeline, including your name and profile picture, are subject to a Public setting only, making them visible to everyone. Selecting the most restrictive settings on your “Privacy Settings and Tools” page will enable you to maintain a somewhat anonymous Facebook Timeline.


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