How to Edit Your Name on Tumblr

By Jane Williams

Changing your Tumblr name won't lose your followers.
i Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

When you sign up for Tumblr, the username you choose becomes your Tumblr name and part of your blog's URL. As time goes on, you may realize that this name no longer appeals to you, and would like to change it. You can change this name without losing your followers, by going through the blog's dashboard.

Sign in to your Tumblr account. Open the dashboard of the blog you'd like to edit by clicking the blog's title in the top menu.

Click “Blog Settings” located in the sidebar on the right. Scroll down until you find the URL option. Type your new Tumblr name in this box.

Scroll down the page and click “Save.” This will change your blog's name to the new one.


If your old Tumblr name and URL are posted on another Web page, new visitors will not find your new blog by clicking that link. Work around this by creating a new secondary blog with your old Tumblr name and using a “Moved” blog theme to point new visitors to your new blog.