What Should I Do if I Forgot My Instagram Name?

By Lauren Miller

You can retrieve your Instagram name with your mobile device.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In order to log in to the photo and video social networking service Instagram you need to set up a unique account name. When you use your name and password to log in via your iOS or Android device you can upload media and change your profile details. When you log in to the Web interface login you can change your profile details including your password.

Retrieving Your Name Via the Web

If you forget your Instagram name you can retrieve it via the Web or mobile interface. If you navigate to the Instagram website in a browser on your computer, click the "Login" button and then the “Forgot password” link. Type your email address in the field provided to receive an email that contains your username and a link to change your password; then click the “Change password” button. Check your email for a message; it will contain your Instagram name plus links to change your password. If you remember your password, you do not have to change it, but the email is useful because it contains your Instagram name.

Retrieving Your Name Via Your Device

Open the Instagram app on your device. If you are still logged in to the app, your name will show up in the navigation. If you are logged out, tap the sign in button. Tap the “Forgot Password” link. Tap the “Username or Email” button to enter your email address. Instagram will send you an email that includes your name and password reset instructions.