How Do I Get a Clear Picture on a PC With Skype?

by David Nield
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Two main factors influence the quality of Skype picture: the speed of your Internet connection and the performance of your webcam. Remember the same factors are in play at the other end of the conversation, so you may need to troubleshoot your contact's setup as well as your own in order to get the clearest possible picture.

Web Connection

A strong, stable Internet connection gives the best picture quality on Skype. To help improve your connection, you can opt for a wired connection to your local router rather than hooking up to it over Wi-Fi. Shutting down other programs that may be using the Internet, installing the latest drivers for your network hardware (from the manufacturer's website) and reducing the number of devices currently active on your network (such as laptops and tablets) can all help improve performance.

Hardware and Software

Maximize the performance of your webcam by downloading and installing the latest drivers for the device -- these can usually be found on the manufacturer's official website under a link such as "Drivers" or "Support." Make sure you're running the most recent version of Skype so that you always have the latest bug fixes and performance improvements released by the development team.


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