How Do I Tell What Model My IBM Laptop Is?

By Irene A. Blake

In 2005, IBM transferred ownership of its PC business -- including its ThinkPad series laptop line -- over to the Chinese technology company Lenovo, which continues to manufacture the series. Lenovo provides important details about your laptop, including model information, on a hardware product label. Whenever you need service, such as technical support, software updates or a manual, you can quickly tell what your laptop model is using this label.

Accessing the Label

The product label is on the bottom of your ThinkPad laptop. To access the label, fold your laptop’s screen down to close the laptop and prevent accidental scratches and then carefully turn your laptop over.

Reading the Label

On the label, look for seven characters following the word “Type” above the barcode. This is the product number. The first part of the product number before the hyphen is the machine type number. The second part after the hyphen is the model number.

Other Options

If the model is missing from the label, you can also supply Lenovo support with your laptop’s serial number -- the S/N details following the Type -- to determine its model. Additionally, you can narrow your model search with Lenovo support or when using the Support website “Quick Path” search tool (see Resources) if you know your laptop’s subseries. For example: “ThinkPad T410” or “T410.”


Information in this article applies to IBM-style laptops as of September 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.