How to Clear the Toner Cartridge Region Mismatch on a Lexmark Printer

By Claudia Newcorn

The printers and the toner cartridges of Lexmark printers have a specific geographical code tag and must be coded to the same geography in order for them to work together. If you install a toner cartridge that does not correctly match the printer's geographical region, you will see a cartridge region mismatch error, usually coded as a 42.

Code 42 on a Lexmark Printer

Check for a code 42 , indicating that your printer has a cartridge region mismatch error.

Turn off the printer. Leave it off for at least 20 seconds. Then turn the printer back on and try printing again.

Confirm a cartridge mismatch. If the error code continues to appear, then check the printer and toner cartridge settings to identify which is not matching (see Additional Resources below for geographic comparison charts).

Determine if you need to return the toner cartridge for and get a replacement cartridge that matches your printer's geographic region.