How to Make It Go From Day to Night on "Minecraft" for the PC

By John Ruiz

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Minecraft" for the PC, the nighttime period lasts around seven minutes, giving you less time exploring your world compared to daytime. Spending additional time at night might be necessary if you want to fully see how well lighted your world and structures are based on how you placed your torches and other objects that provide light. You also cannot fight certain enemies like zombies and skeletons during the day unless you find darker areas. If you don't want to wait a few more minutes for the day cycle to complete, you can execute a cheat command to immediately go from day to night and continue exploring.

Launch Minecraft and go to "Singleplayer."

Click "Create New World" and set the game mode to either "Creative" or "Survival." Click "More World Options..." and set the Allow Cheats option to "On." Click "Create New World" to start playing.

Type "/time set 13500" (without the quotation marks) after the world loads. Press the "Enter" on your keyboard to set the time period to nighttime.


The "/time" command will also work in any Creative world or any other world that has the "Cheats" tag.

If you wish to go from day to night without cheating or during a multiplayer game, you will have to let at most 13 minutes pass during game play.


Entering the "/time" command in an existing Creative world will immediately give the world the "Cheats" tag, which might not be desirable if you plan on sharing the world with others.

Information in this article applies to "Minecraft" version 1.6.2. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.