How to Open a GCI File

By James T Wood

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • SD Card

  • SD Card adapter for GameCube/Wii

  • Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo's GameCube came out in 2001.
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You won't be able to open a GCI file on your computer because it's a Nintendo GameCube save game file. You need to move the file from your computer to your GameCube and use the correct game to open the file. The most likely culprit is the Sonic Adventures DX game. The GameCube can use a memory card to store information so you can transfer the file from your computer to a memory card and then load it through the GameCube.

Transfer the GCI file to an SD card. Once the transfer is complete, remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into the memory card adapter for your GameCube. The Nintendo Wii uses the same type of memory card, so you can use an adapter designed for the Wii as well as for the GameCube.

Insert the memory card adapter into your GameCube, and then insert the game disk. Power on the GameCube, and wait for the game to load. Typically, games will load in a minute or two.

Open the save-game menu using the on-screen instructions. Each game is different, so check the manual for your game if you aren't sure how to proceed. Most games will have a "Load Game" option. If the game is the one associated with your GCI file, you will see a saved game displayed. Select it and open the saved game to open your GCI file.


If you don't have a GameCube and still own the game associated with the GCI file, you may be able to open it with a GameCube emulator program (see link in Resources).

The original Nintendo Wii can play both Wii and GameCube games. You may be able to load your GCI file in a Nintendo Wii if you don't have a GameCube.