How to Join Local Servers for "Minecraft"

By Charlotte Mission

Updated September 22, 2017

Joining a server in "Minecraft" opens a multiplayer aspect of the game that lets you interact with other players and explore the worlds they have created over the Internet. The player on the host computer sets the rules, including the game mode and which players can use commands. You can only join a local server if you are connected to the host’s local area network.

Click the “Multiplayer” button on the "Minecraft" start screen.

Wait for the game to detect the local server.

Request the server name and address from the game creator if the game does not identify it automatically. Click the “Add Server” button and enter this information in the appropriate boxes. Click “Done” to go back to the Multiplayer screen.

Click the local server listing to highlight it and then click “Join Server” to enter the world.