How to Create a Furnace in "Minecraft"

by John RuizUpdated October 03, 2017

A furnace is required in "Minecraft" to smelt raw ingredients into various useful items, including cooked foods that satisfy hunger more than raw foods. The furnace can also process ores and other materials into items needed to craft tools and weapons. If you cannot find a nearby furnace, you must create one yourself using raw materials that you can gather at the beginning of the game.

Gathering Materials

Launch "Minecraft" and create a game or join an existing game.

Move your character towards a tree and gather one wood block. Any type of wood block will do.

Gather eight cobblestone blocks. You can find cobblestone in mountainous areas and dungeon environments.

Craft the Crafting Table

Press "E" on your keyboard to bring up the Inventory menu.

Click on the wood block you just gathered and place it in any of the empty squares on the crafting grid. Click on the wood plank block, located on the right of the crafting grid, and place it in any of your inventory squares. Take the remaining wood blocks out of the crafting grid.

Click on the wood plank block you just made in your inventory. Right-click every box in the crafting grid. Click the crafting table on the right of the crafting grid and put it in the bottom-most row of your inventory. This row is also known as the quick-bar.

Exit the inventory screen and select the crafting table using your mouse wheel. Right-click anywhere on the ground to place the crafting table.

Create the Furnace

Right-click on the crafting table you just placed or on any crafting table you find in the game environment to bring up a 3-by-3 crafting grid.

Click on the eight cobblestone blocks you gathered earlier and right-click on every block in the crafting grid except the middle block. Click on the furnace on the right of the crafting grid and place it in your quick-bar to create it.

Exit the crafting screen and select the furnace. Right-click anywhere on the floor to place the furnace.


You can gather blocks by moving your character close to a block and holding the left mouse button until the block disappears.

If you've already found a crafting table and have at least eight cobblestone blocks, you can proceed to the third section to make the furnace.

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