How to Delete an Origin Account

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Origin is not only a digital distribution platform for purchasing computer games, but also the client that is required to download and play these titles. All your Origin purchases are tied to your account, so for security reasons it is not possible to delete this account yourself. In order to delete your account, you must contact an EA game advisor and make the request. After you have answered the security questions, in order to prove you are the rightful owner of the account, the advisor will take further steps to delete the account.

Navigate to the EA contact page (link in Resources) and click the blue "Contact A Game Advisor" button.

Enter "I want to delete my Origin account" in the text input box and then click the "Find Solutions" button.

Select "Origin" from the product type drop-down list and "Account Management" from the issue type drop-down list.

Select "PC" or "Mac" from the platform drop-down list and click the blue "Find Solutions" button.

Read the information about closing your account and click the "I Still Need Help" button if you want to go through with the process.

Sign in to your Origin account and click the "Chat Now" button in the live chat section of the page.

Wait until you are connected with the next available advisor. The approximate wait time is displayed in the chat window.

State that you want to delete your Origin account in the "Type your response here" section of the chat window once the advisor is available.

Answer the questions that the advisor asks. You have to enter the email address associated with the account and state the reason for deleting the account.

Confirm the account deletion request when prompted by the advisor. State the answer to your account security question and answer any further questions by the advisor to complete the process of deleting your account. You will receive a confirmation email saying that your account is in the process of deletion.


After deleting your Origin account, you will lose all access to the games that are tied to the account. Before deleting the account, ensure that you no longer wish to access the games tied to the account.