How to Find Friends on Spotify

By Irene A. Blake

Updated September 22, 2017

Spotify users initially set up their accounts by connecting to Facebook via an app or by using a non-Facebook email address. The music service automatically finds Facebook friends who have Spotify accounts every time you log in through its computer software or Web player. It doesn't automatically locate friends you've connected with through other social networks, though, nor does it provide an option to search for a friend by email address. As a result, you will need to use several different methods to find friends on Spotify.

Use Facebook Automatic Search

Log in to the Spotify computer software or Web player (see Resources).

Click “Follow” on the left sidebar and then click the “Find Friends” option.

Wait for the service to generate a list of Facebook friends who have recently created Spotify accounts, if applicable.

Click the “+ Follow” button for any friend you want to follow.

Use Manual Username Search

Ask a friend for his Spotify username. If he set up Spotify via the Facebook app and you used an email address, ask him for his Spotify Facebook username ID number.

Locate the Spotify Search field at the top of the software interface or click the “Search” option on the Web player sidebar.

Enter “spotify:user:” (without quotation marks) followed by your friend’s username and then press the “Enter” key. For example, if your friend’s username is zeo, you would enter "spotify:user:zeo" and press "Enter" to locate his Spotify profile.

Click the “+ Follow” button beneath your friend's profile name to follow him.


If your Facebook friends list is too long, enter a friend’s Facebook profile name in the “Filter by name” field and press “Enter" to find him. If a friend doesn’t know his Facebook username ID number, instruct him to access his account using the Web player, click his profile thumbnail or name on the left sidebar and then look for the number following /user/ in the URL on his browser's address bar. You can also ask a friend to email you a link to one of his playlists to make finding him easier. If he doesn’t know how to create a link, instruct him to open a playlist, right-click the playlist name, click “Copy HTTP Link” in the software or “Copy Spotify URL” in the Web player and then paste the link in an email.


Information in this article applies to Spotify desktop/laptop software and Web player as of August 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.