How to Rotate Items in "Prison Architect"

By Jacob Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

The game "Prison Architect" places the player in charge of creating and administrating a prison. While in the construction phase -- where you place building foundations, designate rooms and populate areas with appropriate objects -- you may accidentally place an object facing the wrong direction. Don’t worry about mistakes like that eating into your prison’s operating budget; your workmen can dismantle objects for you to re-place at no additional cost.

Right-click the object and select “Dismantle.” Wait until the object is dismantled by a workman before moving onto the next step. If the object hasn’t already been placed, skip this step.

Select the object from the appropriate menu.

Hover the cursor over the location you wish to place the object. Click the middle mouse button to rotate the object. You can also press the “R” key to rotate an object.

Click the left mouse button to place the object.


Pipes and electrical cables do not need to be rotated when placed since they automatically join to any adjacent pipe or cable.


Information in this article applies to Prison Architect Alpha 12. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.