How to Set Up a "Minecraft" LAN Server

by Ruri RanbeUpdated September 22, 2017

You can share the worlds you create with other player on your network in real-time -- "Minecraft" includes the option to open your game to your local area network. Players don't have to log in to your physical LAN to access your world, however; software like LogMeIn Hamachi, Comodo Unite and Wippien enable you to create virtual LANs with users anywhere in the world. To "Minecraft," these virtual LANs appear no different from physical networks. To host a LAN game in "Minecraft," connect the other players to your virtual network, and then configure the game to allow other users.

Virtual LAN

Download, install and open LogMeIn Hamachi, Comodo Unite or Wippien (links in the Resources).

Click the power button, and then click "Create" in Hamachi. For Comodo Unite, click "Register a New Account," fill out the form, and then click "Register." For Wippien, fill out the form that appears when you open the program, and then click "OK" to create a Jabber account.

Click "Create a New Network" in Hamachi. For Comodo Unite, click "Sign Me In," select "Networks" from the menu bar, and then click "Create a New Network." For Wippien, click the "+" icon on the toolbar, and then click "Add/Remove Contacts."

Enter a network name and password, and then click "Create" in Hamachi. For Comodo Unite, enter a network name and password, check "Enable VPN," and then click "Create." For Wippien, enter the Jabber ID of another player and, click "Add Contact," and then click "OK."

Give your Jabber ID, or the virtual network name and password, to the other players to enable them to connect to the virtual LAN.

Physical LAN

Click the signal bar on the taskbar in Desktop mode to open the Networks pane.

Select your wireless network from the list, and then click "Connect."

Enter your security key, if applicable, and then click "Connect" again to sign the computer on to the LAN.

Server Setup

Open "Minecraft," click "Singleplayer" on the main screen, and then click "Create New World."

Enter a name for the world into the World Name field, and then click "Game Mode: Survival" to set the game to Survival, Hardcore or Creative mode.

Click "Create New World" to load a new world. Press "Esc" after the game loads to open Game Options.

Click "Open to LAN," set "Allow Cheats" to "On" or "Off," and then click "Start LAN World."

Write down the information displayed next to "Local Game Hosted on" and give this information to the other players to enable them to connect to the world.


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