How to Download "Minecraft: Cops & Robbers"

By John Ruiz

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft Cops and Robbers" is a popular "Minecraft" mini-game with more than 400,000 downloads. Set in a "Minecraft" prison environment, one player can play as the cop who tells the robbers what to do and punishes them if they do not obey. Other players play as the robbers, whose objective is to obey the cop's orders while secretly plotting to escape without breaking blocks and making the cop suspicious. The "Cops and Robbers" mini-game takes the form of a "Minecraft" world save, so you can download the save for free and install it just like any other "Minecraft" map or save.

Go to the "Cops and Robbers" page in the Planet Minecraft website (link in Resources).

Click the "Minecraft World Save" to open the download page in a new tab.

Click the "Skip Ad" button if you are redirected to an page. Click the "Download" button in the download page to download the "Cops and Robbers" ZIP file. Save the file to your desktop.

Open a Run dialog by holding the "Windows" key on your keyboard and pressing "R." In the Run dialog, enter "%AppData%.minecraft\saves" in the text box and click the "OK" button to open your "Minecraft" saves folder.

Open the "Cops and Robbers" ZIP file you just downloaded to see its contents. Drag the "Cops and Robbers" folder with your left mouse button to the "Minecraft" saves folder you opened earlier. The next time you launch "Minecraft" the "Cops and Robbers" world will appear in the Select World screen.


Information in this article applies to "Minecraft" version 1.6.2. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.