How to Open a Chat Room in Steam

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

While Steam lets you talk to other Steam users on your Friends list in either one-on-one or group instant messages, only members of any Steam community group can open a chat room. By starting your own community group, you gain access to a chat room that you can open and use at any time to chat with other members. After creating the group, you can open the chat room directly from your Steam community group page.

Place your mouse cursor over your Steam name at the top of the Steam window and click "Groups" from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Create a New Group" link to begin the process of creating your community group.

Fill out the "Create a Group" form, entering such information as your group name and group URL, and click "Create" when finished.

Click "Create" to create your Steam group and navigate to the group by click "Groups" from your user name drop-down menu.

Click "Group Chat" to the right of your created group in the Groups list to open the chat room.

Click the arrow to the right of your friend's name in your Friends list, hover your mouse over "Invite to Chat Room" and click the name of your group to invite that friend to the room.


To join the chat room for a group you are already in, click "Groups" from your Friends list and select the group chat you want to join.

You can not join a chat room for a group you are not a member of unless an existing group member invites you in.