How to Make Fireworks in "Minecraft" with Creative Mode

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Minecraft," Creative Mode lets you play the game without having to worry about interference from monsters or scavenging for resources. While playing in this mode, you have access to all the blocks and items that are available without having to collect them yourself. One of the few items that are not available directly from the creative mode inventory is fireworks. To make these fireworks, you first need to combine all the correct components.

Launch "Minecraft" and start a new game. Select "Game Mode: Creative" and then select "Create New World."

Press "E" to open your inventory on the PC version of the game or the "X" button for Xbox 360.

Select the "Materials" tab and then select ten units of gunpowder.

Open the "Survival Inventory" tab and then select one of the empty spaces on the bottom row to place the gunpowder in your inventory.

Open the "Materials" tab and then select ten sheets of paper. Add the paper to your inventory the same way you did with the gunpowder.

Open the "Materials" tab and then select the color of dye that you want your fireworks to be. Add the dye to your inventory the same way you did with the paper.

Open the "Decoration Blocks" tab and add the "Crafting Table" to your inventory. This item is needed to craft the fireworks.

Select the crafting table from your inventory and then right-click in the PC version or press the left trigger button for Xbox 360 to place the table in the game world.

Stand in front of the crafting table and right-click it to open the crafting screen for the PC version or move your targeting crosshair over the table and press the left trigger button for Xbox 360.

Place one unit of gunpowder and the dye color of your choice in the "Crafting" section. You can add multiple dye colors to fade one color into the other during detonation. Select the "Firework Star" item that is created and place this in your inventory. The firework star is the component of your firework that determines the color.

Place one unit of gunpowder, one piece of paper and the firework star in the "Crafting" section to create the firework rocket. You can add up to two more units of gunpowder to increase the flight duration of the rocket.

Select the firework from your inventory and right-click for PC or press the left trigger button for Xbox 360 while looking at the ground to place the firework and launch it. Look at the sky to watch the firework display.


You can add special items when crafting your fireworks to add additional effects. Add a fire charge for a larger explosion or a gold nugget to create a star-shaped effect. Add a diamond to create a trail effect or a feather for a burst explosion.