How to Install a PSP Type B USB Driver

By Jeff Grundy

Updated September 22, 2017

The Sony PSP is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on a long trip with action and fantasy-based video games. Nevertheless, the small screen may deter you from playing it much when you are at home and have access to a computer or game console. Using RemoteJoy, though, you can play games from your PSP on a computer. However, before you can install RemoteJoy and connect your PSP to a PC, you must install the Type B USB driver so Windows will recognize the game device after you connect it.

Open your Web browser, navigate to the SourceForge (link in Resources) and download the latest version of the LibUSB-Win32 library that includes the PSP Type B USB driver. Save the compressed library file to your computer.

Press "Windows-E" to open File Explorer and then double-click "Downloads" in the navigation pane. Right-click the "libusb-win32-bin" file and then click "Extract." Windows creates a new folder in the Downloads library consisting of the uncompressed files and folders from the libusb-win32-bin file.

Click "Computer" in the navigation pane and then double-click "System properties" on the ribbon bar. Click "Device Manager" in the System window.

Click "Action" on the Device Manager menu bar and then click "Add legacy hardware." After the Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard displays on the screen, click the "Next" button.

Enable the "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)" option and then click "Next." Wait a few seconds for Windows to scan the system for new hardware. After it fails to find new hardware, click "Next" to select it from a hardware list.

Highlight "Show All Devices" and then click "Next." Click the "Have Disk" button in the Add Hardware window and then click the "Browse" button.

Click the "Look in" drop-down list in the Locate File window and then select "Downloads." Double-click the "libusb-win32-bin" folder and then double-click the "Drivers" folder. Double-click the "usb_driver_x32" folder, highlight the "psp" file and then click "Open."

Click "OK" and then "Next." When prompted with a message stating that Windows cannot verify the publisher of the driver, click the "Install this driver software anyway" option. Wait a few seconds for Windows to install the driver and display confirmation window that the PSP Type B device installation was successful.

Click the "Close" button and then close the "Device Manager" window. Connect the USB cable to the PSP and the computer and then wait for Windows to initialize and configure the connection automatically. Install RemoteJoy and use normally.


If using a 64-bit version of windows, select the "usb_driver_x64" folder instead of the "usb_driver_x32" when installing the PSP Type B USB driver.