How to Make an Alarm in "Minecraft"

by Nick FleggUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • 1 sandstone

  • 1 button

  • 30 redstone

  • 4 redstone repeaters

  • 4 note block

You will be able to create an alarm in "Minecraft" using redstones, redstone repeaters and note blocks. Once the alarm is triggered, the note blocks will sound until the alarm is disconnected. Creating an alarm requires precise placement of your tools, and as such it's best to practice in "Create" mode where supplies are unlimited. To create an alarm, you will need to create a connecting redstone trail, which will branch off in four intersections to include the note blocks. You will have to place four redstone repeaters to ensure the effect is continuous.

Enter your inventory by pressing the "E" button on your PC or the "Y" button on your Xbox controller. Navigate to the "Redstone" menu and add a redstone, a redstone repeater, a note block and a button to your inventory by pressing the left mouse button on your PC or the "A" button on your Xbox controller. Open the "Building Blocks" menu and select any of the standard building blocks; for example, you could choose sandstone.

Place a sandstone block on the ground by pressing the left trigger on an Xbox controller or the right mouse button on PC. Place a button on the southern side of the block and a redstone one block north of the sandstone block.

Create a trail of redstones in a 10-by-5 rectangle shape, ensuring the start point and the end point of the redstone trail are connected.

Create four separate branches from your trail using two redstones for each branch. At the end of each trail, place a note block. Place four redstone repeaters along the trail, with each one arriving just before the trail branches off. Ensure that the trail connects with the adjustable side of the repeater. Adjust the repeater using the right mouse button on a PC or the left trigger on an Xbox controller until the lever is at its maximum setting.

Press the button on the sandstone block by right-clicking on a PC or pressing the left trigger on an Xbox controller to start the alarm. Disconnect the alarm by removing one of the redstone pieces from the trail.


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