How to Unlock the Last Character in "Peggle" for the iPhone

By Todd Bowerman

Updated September 22, 2017

There is a confusing issue with the character select screen for “Peggle” on iPhone. After you've unlocked all characters, one final character remains shrouded in shadow at the end of the character select screen. This character is actually from “Peggle Nights,” and cannot be unlocked with “Peggle” alone. However, it is possible to fill the character slot by purchasing the other game.

Purchase “Peggle Nights” through the “Peggle” interface on your iPhone.

Fight your way through “Peggle Nights” until you reach the final boss. This is the hidden character in the original “Peggle’s” character screen.

Defeat the boss in “Peggle Nights” and he will appear as the final character in “Peggle.”