How to Remove the Gray Lock on the Nintendo DS

By Todd Bowerman

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo DS connects to the Web via local Wi-Fi.
i Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Nintendo DS offers a variety of online experiences, covering everything from sending friends messages to heated “Mario Kart” battles. However, the DS only supports wireless networks using WEP encryption; if your network uses WPA, you will see a gray lock next to the network name when you try to connect. If you would prefer to keep your network WPA, you can clear a path for the DS via the router’s MAC settings.

Turn on your Nintendo DS. Touch “Options.”

Select the “System Information” tab to find your DS’s MAC address. Write this number down or keep the DS close by.

Open your router’s administrator panel. You can do this by entering the default address for the router into your Web browser. Consult the router’s user manual for exact instructions and the address.

Find the “MAC Filter” setting. You will likely locate it under a “Wireless” settings tab.

Enable MAC filtering and click the option that allows you to permit specific devices to connect to the network.

Enter the Nintendo DS’s MAC address into the allowed devices section. Save your settings.

Connect to the network with your Nintendo DS. After it is cleared through MAC filtering, the gray lock will disappear.