How to Make Villager Babies on "Minecraft" for Xbox

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

If your world lacks villages in "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," you might want to create one of your own. A village needs residents to become a thriving community. By containing two villagers in a breeding pen, you can encourage them to mate and have children. Under the right conditions, villagers will continue to breed until they reach the population limit for their village.

Determine a site for your breeding pen. It's easiest to breed villagers outside a village's boundaries. To do this, you'll need to build the breeding pen at least 32 blocks away from the village. If you want to breed residents in a village, the current adult population must equal less than 35 percent of the number of doors in the village. For example, if a village has 20 doors, fewer than seven residents must live there for mating to occur. To find your village's population limit, multiply the number of doors by 0.35.

Guide two villagers to the mating site. The fastest way to do this is to push them to the site in a minecart. If you don't have a minecart, build one at a crafting table with five iron ingots. Alternatively, build a basic home with one door at your breeding site and then destroy all other doors up to 16 blocks away. The villagers will come to the site on their own.

Build a stone or wood pen around the two villagers. Make the pen five blocks wide, three blocks long and at least two blocks tall. Leave a one-block gap in any of the walls.

Place an iron door in front of the one-block gap in the wall. This serves as your entrance into the pen. Surround the exterior of the pen with wood doors. You need 23 wood doors to surround the pen.

Put some torches outside the pen to prevent monsters from spawning in the area at night.

Watch for hearts to appear over the villager's heads. Hearts indicate that the villagers have entered mating mode. In a few seconds, a child villager will appear.


Child villagers grow into adults in 20 minutes.

Iron golems will spawn in villages that have at least 21 houses and 10 or more residents. One iron golem spawns per 10 villagers. These beasts guard the villagers and protect them from monsters at night.

Villages can contain several types of buildings and structures, including a blacksmith's shop, library, church and farm.


If villagers get killed by monsters, the survivors in that village won't breed for the next three minutes.