How to Wear Gnome Goggles With a Bomber Cap on "RuneScape"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

The cap and goggles is a wearable item in the online role-playing game "RuneScape" that makes your character look like a pilot. The item is a combination of the gnome goggles and bomber cap that you receive as rewards for doing previous quests. Normally you can only wear one of these items at a time but Auguste, one of the nonplayer characters in the game, can combine the items into the cap and goggles which can be worn together.

Log in to "RuneScape" and travel to the Gnome restaurant found on the first floor of the Grand Tree.

Speak to Gianne Jr who runs the gnome food delivery service. Click "Yes, tell me more" when he asks if you are interested in a job.

Speak to Gianne Snr and complete the cooking training as well as Blurbery to complete the cocktail training.

Return to Gianne Jr and inform him that you are ready to work. Perform the delivery requests that he gives you until you receive the gnome goggles as a reward from either Captain Ninto or Captain Daerkin. Daerkin is found at the duel arena while Ninto is at the White Wolf Mountain shortcut.

Raise your crafting skill to level 36, your farming to level 30 and your firemaking to level 20 if you are not already at these levels and then travel to Port Sarim.

Go to the Draynor Village bank next to Port Sarim and speak to the banker. Select "I'd like to access my bank account, please" and then deposit all your weapons, armor and summoning scrolls.

Talk to one of the monks of Entrana standing around on the docks of Port Sarim and then click "Yes, okay, I'm ready to go" in order to travel to the island of Entrana. They will only permit you to travel to the island if you have no weapons or armor in your possession.

Click "Yes! Sign me up" when Auguste asks if you want to be his assistant. Gather the items that Auguste asks for and then return to him. Complete the "Enlightened Journey" quest for Auguste to receive the bomber jacket and bomber cap rewards.

Talk to Auguste again with both the Gnome Goggles and Bomber Cap in your inventory and click "Could you combine my cap and goggles." Auguste will accept and tell you that you look like a true airship pilot. This is a purely cosmetic change and does not bestow any bonuses on your character.


Right-click the item in your inventory and select "Split Cap and goggles" if you want to return the item back to its two individual components. If you ever lose the cap and goggles return to Auguste on Entrana and he will supply you with a new set.