How to Upload a Custom Character in "Sonic FGX"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Sonic FGX is a free fan game for the computer based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" characters by Sega. The game features the ability to upload custom characters which can be used instead of the default characters that are included. Custom character files are in the animated GIF format and must be placed in the same folder as the game files. In order to make use of the custom character upload feature, the game must be downloaded to your computer first.

Navigate to the YoYo games website (link in Resources) and download the latest version of Sonic FGX.

Extract the archive that you have downloaded to the folder of your choice.

Place the custom character file (in GIF format) in the same folder as the game files. You can create your own custom characters using a GIF editing program or download the files for free from sites such as Sonic FGX Custom Characters (link in Resources.)

Double-click the "Sonic Fgx.exe" executable file to launch the game.

Press "Enter" once the game has loaded and then highlight "Main Game" using the arrow keys.

Press "Enter" and then press "Z" once Sonic is displayed on the character select screen.

Enter the name of the custom character file located in the game directory and then click the "OK" button. For example, if the custom character file is named "my_character.gif" you would enter "my_character" (without the quotation marks) in the name entry box.

Enter a name for the custom character and then click "OK." The character name can be different from the file name but must be in all caps with no numbers.

Press "Z" to start playing the game with the custom character that you have uploaded.


If you receive an error message stating that a certain file is missing or that the name is misspelled when you enter the custom character file name, create a text file with the same name as the file in the game directory. For example, if your character file is called "my_character.gif," create a file called "my_character.txt" and save it in the game directory. Open the text file and enter the width (in pixels) of the custom character file on one line and the height on the next. Newer versions of Sonic FGX do not require the use of text files to load custom characters, so you can avoid this problem by always downloading the latest version of the game.