How to Use a Jetpack in "Half Life"

by Richard Bashara ; Updated September 22, 2017

"Half Life" star Gordon Freeman has more than a crowbar at his disposal. In addition to a small arsenal of weapons, Freeman can find a long jump module that resembles a jet pack. The device does not make the player fly, but it can help you get to hard to reach spots around the game. The player will be required to utilize the long jump module in order to complete the Black Mesa Hazard Course, so use this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the basics before you dive into the adventure.

Pick up the Long Jump Module by walking over it. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your acquisition of this device, it may be on the ground, on a pedestal or on a platform by itself. According to the "Half Life" wiki, you will hear the HEV suit say “Power Movement Assist Activated” indicating that the power up is ready to go.

Move forward, press crouch and then press jump simultaneously. Timing is a factor, but the timing is not too strict. Your fingers should tap the crouch and jump keys in rapid succession, making sure to land on crouch before you press jump.

Practice this move a few times in the Black Mesa Hazard Course. The single player game puts players into situations where mastery of the Long Jump Module will greatly increase chances of survival, so the Hazard Course is ideal for familiarizing yourself with the basics.


  • The Long Jump Module distance is shorter in multiplayer matches.

    Xen has many islands that float above empty space. If you miss a long jump, you will fall to your doom.

    The Long Jump Module is only on "Half Life 1"-engine games.

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