How to Install New NPCs to GMod

By Jacob Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Garry’s Mod, or GMod, gives players a physics-driven sandbox world to experiment in, allowing them to pose and direct characters, vehicles and other in-game entities. In such an open world, it could quickly get tiring playing with the same characters repeatedly. Thankfully, GMod has extensive mod support, with a large number of additional add-ons freely available for installation. Install and enable a new NPC in GMod to open up new possibilities in your game sessions.

Launch Garry’s Mod and click “Addons” in the main menu.

Click “NPCs” to bring up the available NPC mods.

Hover the mouse cursor over the NPC you want to install and click the “Install” button.

Click “Subscribed” to bring up a list of currently installed mods.

Hover your mouse over the NPC that you installed and click the “Enable” button.