List of Admin Commands for Roblox

By Dan Ketchum

Updated September 22, 2017

Roblox, a free massively mutliplayer online game, bills itself as a “user-generated” gaming site. Essentially, Roblox makes you the architect of its virtual world by allowing you and thousands of other players to build and interact with in-game content using core-building components. As a result of play performance, community activity and good behavior, some Roblox players serve as administrators. As an admin, you can execute game-altering script commands. You need knowledge of scripting and the programming language Lua to perform admin commands.

Positive Player Effects

To bring a player back to the server, use the “respawn/player name]” admin command. “Ff/[player name]” and "shield/[player name]" commands give players defensive force fields, the former of which can be taken away with “unff/[player name].” You can give players tools with the command “givetools/[player name],” which gives the player all the tools in Roblox's Starter Pack, or give specific items with "give/[player name]/[item name]." “God/[player name]” acts as the ultimate positive effect, giving the player multiple powers.

Negative Player Effects

Typing “removetools/[player name]” takes all of that players in-game tools away. The command “zombify/[player name]” turns the player in question into a zombie capable of infecting other players while “freeze/[player name]” freezes players in place. “Thaw/[player name]” reverses the latter effect. You can create a jail cell around a player with "jail/[player name]" and remove it with "unjail/[player name]." “Explode/[player name]” causes the player to explode and “kill/[player name]” deals the ultimate player damage by killing the player.

Just For Fun

You can act as a virtual jokester with “trip/[player name]” to make a Roblox player fall down or the command line “sit/[player name]” to make a player sit down. The admin script command “sparkles/[player name]” adds useless, but pretty, sparkles to a player. Remove the sparkles with “unsparkles/[player name].” The command "merge/[player name]/[different player name]" gives the first listed player control of the second listed player's character while the similar "control/[player name]" puts you in control of the player.

Utility Commands

Some Roblox admin commands allow you to perform tasks that have some utility in the game. For instance, “m/[text]” displays an onscreen text message viewable to all players. Typing “maxplayers/[number]” sets a limit on the maximum number of players allowed on the server while “shutdown” shuts down the server. "Punish/[player name]" administers one warning on Roblox's three-warning system for misbehaving players. “Adminlist” gives you the names of all administrators and “admincommandlist” serves as a useful reminder, displaying a list of all available commands.