How to Make Food Cook Faster on "Restaurant Story"

By Katy Lewis

Updated September 22, 2017

Online games like Restaurant Story let people try their hand in running business.
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Restaurant Story is an online simulation and role-playing game similar to the Farmville line of games on Facebook. Players build their own restaurant or restaurant empire by creating their restaurant concept, building the restaurant infrastructure and maintaining the kitchen. The goal is to build a restaurant business and make as much money as possible. One way to make more money is to cook the food as quickly as possible so that your restaurant can serve as many customers as possible.

Sonic Oven

Obtaining the sonic oven in Restaurant Story is one of the simplest ways to cooking your food faster. It is one of the few ways that you can do this without installing a "cheat" or utilizing some type of system glitch to speed up the cook time. The sonic oven is obtained by making a purchase once you have obtained the appropriate number of gems to make the purchase. You can own more than one sonic oven, making it possible to not only cook your food faster but in greater quantities.

Leveling Up

Getting more sonic ovens will help you cook your food faster, but getting to the point where you have enough of these ovens to cook more food is a chore in and of itself. One way to increase the amount of money you make and the speed at which you get access to the ovens is to increase your play level. If you don't have much time to do this, you can increase your level by placing your cash register in front of your restaurant door and preventing patrons from entering. Doing this will allow you to walk away from the game while you're not actually playing it, while at the same time avoiding getting bad reviews from customers. Your reputation and level will grow while you do other things besides play the game.


If you simply cannot wait for your food to cook, you can trick your restaurant's internal timer by messing around with your computer or iPhone settings. Go into the settings on your phone or on your computer and move the time forward to a time that corresponds to the time that you need to have the food fully cooked. Once you have cashed in on the completion of the sale of the food, you can then later go back and change the time so that it is back to normal.

Appliance Choice

Aside from the sonic oven, you have additional choices in Restaurant Story that can affect how quickly you cook your food. Stoves and ovens don't provide as many opportunities to cook foods quickly as grills do. If you want to cook many types of different foods quickly, choose grills over stoves and ovens. However, choose grills only if you play the game frequently and can monitor your restaurant often.