How to Fix HDC

By Steve Brachmann

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • CD burner

  • Blank CD

  • Windows boot files

A computer's HDC, or hard drive controller, is the hard drive component that interfaces between the motherboard and hard drive, allowing for proper data transmission between the two. When replacing a broken motherboard, some computer owners have reported online that hardware incompatibilities cause a "blue screen of death." Often, this is an indication that the HDC must be fixed. "Fix HDC" is a utility program specifically for Windows systems.

Burn a Windows boot file package to a blank CD with a CD burner to create a Windows boot disc. Multiple Windows boot file packages are available online for free download; make sure the package that you acquire contains the "Fix HDC" utility program.

Start your computer and enter the BIOS setup utility. The BIOS loading screen will display the keystroke combination necessary to enter the BIOS utility.

Access the boot order found in your computer's BIOS setup utility. This controls the boot priority of each drive on your computer and the order in which the computer reads them. Change these settings so that the CD drive is the first drive that your computer reads.

Load the Windows boot disc into your computer's CD drive and restart your computer.

Enter the Start menu once the boot disc version of Windows has loaded. Find the program "Fix HDC" in the All Programs tab; although the specific directory will vary depending on the boot disc, Fix HDC will typically be found in the Registry Utilities folder. Run the program, which will upload the drivers necessary for your hard drive to recognize the new motherboard.

Restart your computer and re-enter the BIOS setup utility. Fix the boot order so that your hard drive is read first and remove the Windows boot disc from the CD drive. Restart your computer again for these changes to take effect.