What Is a Bus Enumerator?

By Alexis Rohlin

Updated September 28, 2017

Computer ports are used by a CPU to communicate with devices.
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A computer bus is a port that is used as an interface between a computer's central processing unit or CPU and the peripherals, such as a keyboard and mouse, that are connected to it. A bus enumerator is a driver or program that loads built-in drivers and Peripheral Component Interconnects or PCI bus drivers that are used by the computer to run a device.

Bus Definition

The bus is used by the computer to transmit and receive data. A bus can be 32-bit or 64-bit. The main bus on a PC is the front side bus, which is used to connect the CPU in the PC tower with the components installed on the motherboard or main circuit board of the computer. An expansion bus transmits data to video cards and Input/Output or I/O devices.

Bus Enumerator

A bus enumerator uses enumerated type, which is a data type that has a set of values called enumerators. Enumerators are identifiers in computer programming that work as a constant definition in the programming language. A constant definition remains the same, it is not changed by the program while it is running. This means that enumerated types are static sets of values in data.

Enumeration Type

Enumeration type is used by a bus enumerator to define a set of named constants that can be assigned to a variable in the program. When a type is enumerated in a program, the term or keyword "enum" is typed into the program, followed by a value. For instance, if a programmer wished to create a variable or varying value in a program, say the days of the week, she would type "enum" followed by "Days", then type the days of the week in between two curly brackets or braces. Enumeration is a variable with a defined set of elements.

Bus Driver

Bus driver enumerators are functions used by the bus to load built-in drivers, which are programs that interact with devices or software. A bus driver on a computer contains information about video graphic cards and Input/Output devices and runs them while the software or program that uses the graphics card, such as Windows Media Player, does not. The media player runs a video and the driver runs the video graphics card, while the CPU does a majority of the processing on the computer. A video card is used to take a load off the CPU by processing the graphics of a program so that the CPU doesn't have to work as hard. This results in smoother running software and video games with less lag and better looking graphics.