Crackling Noise From the Speaker in a VIZIO TV

By Elizabeth Falwell

Updated September 28, 2017

A crackling, static noise coming from your VIZIO TV's speakers can be a sign of anything from a poor cable or satellite connection to failing components inside your television. The first step towards resolving this issue is to isolate the source and timing of the problematic noises.

Cable Connections

The quality of the audio coming from your VIZIO TV is only as strong as the signal your television receives. If you subscribe to cable service, your television receives this signal via coaxial cable; if you use satellite service, you also have an exterior-mounted satellite dish. Problems like a misaligned satellite dish, a damaged coaxial cable or a loose plug degrade the signal, creating distorted audio and fuzzy video. Inspect all the coaxial cables and their connections to your VIZIO TV, replacing any damaged portions.

Sound Settings

VIZIO TVs offer a range of enhanced sound features to improve audio quality. You can turn these features -- like SRSTruVolume, SRSTruSurround and Lip Sync -- on and off inside the Audio Settings section of your VIZIO TV's main menu. Try turning individual features on and off to resolve the crackling noise.

Power Cycle

VIZIO suggests running a power cycle on your television to troubleshoot unusual sounds. Turn the set off, then disconnect it from its power source. Press the "Power" button, holding it for 30 seconds, then plug the television into a different wall outlet and turn it back on.

Third-Party Devices

Third-party devices can affect your VIZIO TV in two ways. The first way is direct interference, which occurs with devices that are connected to your television, such as a video game console or DVD player. Disconnect each device one at a time to see if the buzzing stops. Once you locate the problematic device, check the cord connecting it to your television, as well as the input port for signs of damage. The second way a third-party device affects your TV is through indirect interference. Most electronic devices emit radio waves, which can interfere with your television's signal. Remove extraneous devices away from your television one at a time to see if the buzzing stops.

Failing Capacitors

A capacitor is a small, cylindrical piece of plastic that controls and stabilizes the flow of power to different parts of your television. If you hear crackling noises coming from your speakers -- as well as from inside your television, whether it is turned on or off -- failing capacitors on the audio board may be to blame. As these capacitors overheat, they expand, creating a popping sound; when you turn your set off, these capacitors contract, once again creating the problematic noise. Additionally, failing capacitors on the audio board result in sound anomalies coming from your speakers, including a crackling, static sound. Once a capacitor begins to fail, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. This process requires advanced electrical skills, and should be undertaken only by a professional.