How to Get Unlimited Stoves on Restaurant Story

By Kyra Sheahan

Updated September 22, 2017

Restaurant Story is available for computer downloads.
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"Restaurant Story" is an application video game in which the player operates a virtual restaurant. In the game, the player's tasks are to cook food, maintain inventory, serve customers, purchase new items for the restaurant and make money in order to advance in the levels. As players level up, they are able to unlock more items, such as stoves. The more stoves the player has the more food he can serve and, in turn, improve the restaurant. A special cheating code is available so that players can unlock the stoves and get an unlimited supply.

Download Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine is a free computer program that allows gamers to input cheat codes to obtain certain privileges in the game that they're playing.

Open the game. Wait for the restaurant to pop up. Keep the restaurant closed by hiding the front door in the inventory section. By removing the door your restaurant is automatically closed to the public.

Open and run the Cheat Engine program. Select the option in the game for Customize. Put all of the stoves you have in the inventory, but leave one stove out in the restaurant.

Type the number "1" into the Cheat Engine scan bar. Press "Next Scan." The number 1 represents how many stoves you currently own, according to the game, since the others are hiding in inventory. A list of addresses will appear which represent the stove code. Click on the stove code that pops up in Cheat Engine. Drag the stove into the restaurant. Release the mouse to leave the stove in the restaurant. The total stoves you own tab should now read two.

Type the number "2" into the Cheat Engine scan bar. Hit Next Scan. The address list that displays should have fewer items in it. Continue repeating these steps until you have one address left after the scan. Double click the mouse on the last address. This moves the address to the bottom of the window.

Double click the option "Value." Type the number "1" into the box. Check the tick box for "Frozen." You are now able to purchase unlimited stoves.