Boss Drop List for "AQWorlds"

By Dan Ketchum

Updated October 03, 2017

“AdventureQuest Worlds,” often dubbed “AQWorlds,” is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In a cartoon-style fantasy world, players create and customize their own character, teaming with friends to battle monsters and earn new weapons, items and armor. Bosses -- challenging monsters in the game -- provide one way to obtain items. After defeating a boss, it often drops a rare weapon for your “AQWorlds” collection. Items dropped by bosses can only be obtained from the bosses themselves.

Bosses A-H

The Box Guardian, a troll-like sneevil, drops the Box Guardian Blade while his companion Grizzzle Spit drops either the Giant Protector Blade or the Spine Gripper. In the sewer area, defeating the caterpillar boss Grumble yields Grumble's Curse. Upon defeat, the orc General Porkon drops his axe, which sells for 8,000 gold.

Bosses I-P

Found near the dock, the fish-headed boss Kuro drops his sword, Kuro's Wrath. In the graveyard, the undead, spear-wielding boss known as Jack Sprat can drop three items: the valueless Skeleton Hand, the Bone Axe or the rare Undead Plague Spear, which fetches 16,000 gold on the market. Found in the “AQWorlds” cellar area, the Purple Slime boss drops the Purple Slime Staff, though he appears to be holding no weapon in battle.

Bosses Q-Z

Fisherman boss Sharkbait lets go of his Wave Cutter, a powerful water-based sword that sells for 10,000 gold, when he falls in battle. On the “AQW” farm, Treeant randomly drops the Witch's Broom, Sprite Staff or Treeant Club. Orc boss Thrax Ironhide can drop either the Orc War Sword, the Axe Dagger or the very valuable Tyrant Blade, which sells for 10,000 gold. Defeating the dino-like Boss Zardman puts the valuable Morning Star in your hands.

Other Monster Drops

Bosses aren't the only enemies that drop weapons in “AdventureQuest Worlds” – common and uncommon monsters do as well. Undead Skeleton Soldiers drop the Skeleton Hand while the more powerful Skeletal Warriors drop the Fighter Helm armor. Kittarian Mouse Eaters drop Stirring Spoons. Besting a Bronze Draconian earns the Mammoth Crusher Blade. Players who pay an optional premium and become “AQWorlds” members will get a pet Wyvern when they defeat an enemy Wyvern.