Skipping Problems on the DirecTV DVR

By Lou Martin

Updated September 28, 2017

Skipping problems using a DirecTV receiver with DVR can be due to several causes, some of which are easily fixed and some that may require the receiver to be repaired or replaced. Skipping can occur while watching live TV broadcasts or, more commonly, while viewing recorded programming on the device’s DVR.

Live Broadcasts

Skipping during live broadcasts on a DirecTV receiver with DVR can be caused by a variety of occurrences, including stormy weather, snow accumulation and satellite-dish damage. Stormy weather, especially thunderstorms, can cause your DirecTV reception to skip because the storm’s heavy cloud cover interferes and blocks incoming transmissions to the satellite dish. Often, this skipping is accompanied by pixilated video and choppy audio content. Snow accumulation on the satellite dish can also result in skipping and lost reception. Gently brush the snow from the dish with a broom to fix the skipping issue.

DVR Recordings

A damaged, old or full hard drive can cause recorded programs on your DirecTV receiver with DVR to skip. If you have had your receiver for several years, its hard drive could be near or at capacity or could be damaged. If you suspect this is the case, contact DirecTV to have the receiver replaced, a process that will not cost you anything if you have purchased the company’s equipment protection plan. Otherwise, the company will send a new receiver at your expense. Before deciding to send you a new receiver, DirecTV will attempt to talk you through several troubleshooting procedures to see if there is any way to fix the problem.


On occasion, a technical glitch may be at fault for skipping during live TV or recorded content on your DirecTV receiver with DVR. In these instances, all you need to do is press the red “Reset” button located behind the device’s front panel. This will reset the device to the manufacturer’s default settings, which can resolve a host of technical issues with the box, including skipping during live and recorded programming. This process is a lengthy one during which the receiver and satellite dish recalibrate and establish their settings and modulations to properly receive satellite transmissions.


In rare instances, the originating source of the programming is the cause of skipping or lost transmissions while viewing DirecTV programming. Usually, these issues are quickly caught and remedied by the broadcaster. Occasionally, skipping issues can also be caused by inadvertent activation by the receiver’s remote control. If you are unaware the remote control is nearby, you can accidentally bump its skip control button, which causes the recorded program to skip forward 30 seconds.