How to Install PlugY

By Chris Hoffman

Updated September 22, 2017

PlugY brings multiplayer-only features to single-player 'Diablo 2.'
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PlugY is a fan-created, single-player modification for “Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.” The mod enables features normally reserved for multiplayer mode in single-player mode, including ladder-only rune words, world events, the uber quest and regenerating maps. It also adds new features, including an infinitely large stash, a stash shared between all your characters and extra screens that display hidden character statistics. You can enable or disable and of PlugY’s features in its PlugY.ini file after installing it.

Download PlugY from the PlugY, the Survival Kit home page.

Double-click the downloaded “PlugY_The_Survival_Kit_v[version].exe” file to start installing PlugY.

Click “OK” to continue with English as the default language.

Select your installation options on the Choose Components screen and click “Next” to continue. The default installation options are ideal for most users.

Click “Install” to install PlugY to your “Diablo 2” folder. You can use the “Browse” button to browse for your “Diablo 2” folder if PlugY doesn’t automatically detect it.

Click “Next” and click “Finish” after PlugY finishes installing.

Launch PlugY by clicking “Start,” clicking “All Programs,” selecting the “PlugY, the Survival Kit” folder and clicking the “PlugY, the Survival Kit” shortcut. PlugY also adds a shortcut to your desktop.


Configure PlugY by editing the PlugY.ini text file, located in the “Diablo II\Mod PlugY” directory on your system. The file contains a number of options. For example, you could change the line “ActiveUberQuest=1” to “ActiveUberQuest=0” to disable the uber quest.

PlugY disables access to You can play multiplayer games by closing PlugY and opening the “Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction” game shortcut from your Start menu or desktop.