How to Make a Star Template

by Kay IrelandUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Printer

  • Paper

  • Cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Painter's tape

When you need to draw or paint several perfect stars, it's difficult to get the uniform look through freehand drawing. The fastest, simplest way to draw stars is to use a star template. By printing a template from your computer, then transferring the design to sturdier cardstock, you'll have a star template that you can then use for drawing and cutting depending on your needs. A word processing program such as Word makes quick work of the task.

Open Word to a new document. Click the "Insert" tab and then select "Clip Art."

Type "star" into the clip art search bar. Toggle the drop down menus so that they read "All collections" and "All Media file types" for the most results, or narrow your results by changing both fields for less results.

Scroll through the search results to find a star shape you like. Once you've found a star, double click the thumbnail to transfer the picture to your document.

Click the star and adjust the size using the resizing arrows at the corner. Since most printers print on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch size paper, if you want a larger star, you'll need to take your printed star to a printers to have the size increased.

Print the star on your printer.

Cut the star carefully with a sharp pair of scissors. Use painters tape to affix the star onto cardstock, then trace around the star. Remove the tape and cut the star out of the cardstock.

Save the cardstock with the star shape removed, as you can use both the star and the negative space as a template. Affix the template to other surfaces and materials with painter's tape and trace or cut as needed.

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