How to Fix the Request Error in an Xfinity TV App

By Paul Higgins

Updated September 28, 2017

Xfinity TV is the name of a free application developed by Comcast Interactive Media for devices running the iOS operating system such as the iPod, iPad and iPod touch. This app allows Comcast clients to watch TV shows and movies while on-the-go. Some users may sometimes receive a "Request Error" message when attempting to log on to the service, preventing them from watching streaming media. You can fix that issue by editing your device's settings.

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iOS device. You can find that icon on the first page of your Home screen.

Select "General" and tap "Date & Time."

Touch "Set Automatically." Make sure that the correct time zone is listed next to "Time Zone." If the time zone is incorrect, tap it and select the correct one. The "Request Error" message that prevents users from being able to log in to the app is caused by either an incorrect time or date on their device. Allowing your device to automatically set the correct time and date allows you to launch the app and connect to the service.