How to Get Better-Looking Models in Squawk Box

By Rachel Terry

Updated September 22, 2017

Get better-looking airplane models on Squawk Box.
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Squawk Box uses Microsoft's Flight Simulator to display aircraft models, much as a display case would show actual airplane models. You can select models from the Model Set plug-ins that are preinstalled with Squawk Box, but if you want to get better looking models, you have to take additional steps. Getting better-looking airplane models for Squawk Box customizes your experiences and allows other players to see your original fleet when you play multiplayer games.

Locate the Squawk Box model set file. This is a text file that is loaded by Squawk Box when the program starts, and the file has an extension of .sms. It provides a link between the Squawk Box program and the planes you create.

Read the first four lines of the .sms file. The first line contains a 3-character identifier that identifies your unique set of model airplanes. The second line contains the name of your set. The third line describes your model set, and the fourth line gives a URL for a website where users can go to get more information about your set of models. Every remaining line in the file describes a single plane in your set of model planes. Each plane should have a model name, equipment code, airline code and livery code. As you add planes to your set, they will appear in the .sms file.

Download free software such as ProjectAI, Colsquawk, or Flight Simmer's World of AI (see Resources).

Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder labeled "Al" or something similar that you will be able to find easily.

Download as many Al packages as you want from the ZIP file. You can get military, commercial airlines and many other textures for your airplane models.

Find the folder that you originally downloaded the Al software to, and extract the WOAI installer. Start the installer by clicking "Next."

Download the SMS Generator from the Squawk Box website, and install the software.

Find the Al textures you just installed from the SMS Generator, by looking in the Flight Sim Aircraft Folder.

Move the Al files to the folder that contains the SMS Generator files.

Start vbs_creator. Follow the instructions to name your new models. These models will then show up in the .sms file you read in Step 2.

Move the Al aircraft from the temporary folder to the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder so you can view them in Flight Simulator. If you have trouble finding the folder, look for "C:Program Files SquawkBoxaircraft." Your new, better-looking models are now installed and ready to be viewed in a multiplayer game.