History and Background of the Edwardian Script ITC Font

By Tiffany Norquest

Updated September 28, 2017

The Edwardian Script ITC  font was designed to capture the beauty of calligraphy.
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Created in 1994 by typographic and visual arts expert Edward Benguiat, Edwardian Script ITC is an italic typeface designed to closely resemble the handwriting art form known as calligraphy. Owned by International Typeface Corporation, the font today is included on many computers, especially in word-processing software. Edwardian Script ITC is valued for its elegant, flowing appearance, and is often used for business letterheads, wedding invitations and other formal projects.

History of Typography

Typography, the arrangement of type to create visually appealing publications, got its start in 1439, after publisher Johannes Gutenberg introduced the printing press and movable-type printing, enabling mass production of books and other publications. As print technology has evolved, the number of typeface styles available has grown to meet a vast variety of needs. The term "typeface" traditionally refers to a particular style of type, and "font" traditionally refers to a complete set of that typeface in a specific size and heaviness, such as 10-point bold. With the advent of computers and digital printing, the terms "typeface" and "font" are often used interchangeably.

Edward Benguiat

Graphic designer and typographic design consultant Ephram Edward Benguiat has been a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York since 1961. That school lists among Benguiat's work the design of typefaces and logotypes for Planet of the Apes, The New York Times, the Star Ledger, New York magazine, McCall's, Sports Illustrated, Estée Lauder, the Barcelona Olympics, CBS, A&E and AT&T. Benguiat was born in 1927 in New York City. He became associate director of Esquire magazine in 1953, and later created the logotype of the magazine's cover page. In 1962, he opened a design studio and joined Photo-Lettering Inc. as typographic design director. In 1970, he became vice-president of International Typeface Corporation (ITC). He has received numerous awards for his work.


Edwardian Script ITC is among more than 600 fonts designed by Benguiat. The typeface is owned by the International Typography Corporation (ITC) and is published by Linotype, a manufacturer of typesetting equipment with a long history in the publishing industry.

Font Design

Edward Benguiat designed Edwardian Script ITC by hand. A description published on the Linotype website of Benguiat's work to create the font says the letters of the script were "drawn and redrawn until the connective elements of the letters were perfected to create the look of true handwriting."