Can 'IMVU' Give a Computer a Virus?

By Amy McNulty

Updated September 22, 2017

The online game "IMVU" offers an open-ended social media experience. You create an avatar, design your own digital room and speak with others in online chat rooms. If you play "IMVU," you may be vulnerable to a computer virus -- although the program itself is virus-free.


The "IMVU" program has no viruses; since the game is a legitimate business, it would be against the company's interests to include a virus. If you download the "IMVU" program through a trustworthy secondary site that routinely scans download files for viruses, you can certify that the installation program is in fact virus-free. However, that's not to say that your experience with "IMVU" is guaranteed to be virus-free.


Since "IMVU" is freeware, it makes money by allowing advertisers to place ads within the game. Hackers are often able to put viruses in online ads, especially ads with animation. The better your individual virus protection, the better your chances of blocking potential viruses before they attack your computer. Keeping your Internet browser up-to-date will also help you block viruses.


You may mistakenly think you have a virus due to "IMVU" if you experience a browser slowdown or your browser crashes as you play the game. However, it's a common experience for players of "IMVU" to experience a slow-down or a browser crash if their Internet connection is slow, their browsers are out-of-date or the avatar or room they're viewing takes too many kilobytes to display.

Improper Download

Download "IMVU" only from the official website or from a secondary website that you trust. If you download the program and get a virus, the fault may lie with your source. Since "IMVU" is freeware, virtually any website can offer the installation program. Shady websites may input viruses with the download.